The retail dealer adds a percentage to the wholesale prices, not, of course, always the same

The detail of the business of a small private bank was moderate enough to be superintended effectually by the partners.

) Trade Bills on │ London negotiated │ (xiii. 17. 42│=126,49│+24,24│=150,73│ │1902–1903│126,49│+ 60│– 58│–2,23│=124,28│+28,87│=153,15│ │1903–1904│124,28│+11,42│– 45│+ 40│=135,65│+31,54│=167,19│ │1904–1905│135,65│+ 6,88│+ 55│– 61│=142,47│+33,73│=176,20│ │1905–1906│142,47│+16,11│– 2,11│– 78│=155,69│+37,90│=193,59│ │1906–1907│155,69│+22,88│– 4,88│–1,28│=172,41│+41,20│=213,61│ │1907–1908│172,41│+15,48│–11,56│– 41│=175,92│+38,65│=214,57│ │1908–1909│175,92│+ 2│–14,90│– 29│=160,75│+39,23│=199,98│ │1909–1910│160,75│+ 8│+13,14│–1,39│=172,42│+46,51│=218,93│ │1910–1911│172,42│– 42│+ 3,76│–1,72│=174,04│+45,68│=219,72│ │1911–1912│174,04│– 7│+11,61│–1,13│=184,41│+53,24│=237,65│ │1912–1913│184,41│ │ │ │ │ │ │ └────────–┴──────┴──────┴──────┴────–┴──────–┴──────┴──────–┘ (a) This column is derived from the figures given by the Currency Department, and the total of net coinage issued in individual years differs somewhat from the total amount minted as stated in the Mint Statistics. Such a position is indeed singularly favourable. Those who give much to their customers have of course less left for their shareholders. Lowe has lately given us a weekly account, and from this, and not from the Bank account, we are able to form a judgment. 188) the sums lying idle in the Reserve Treasuries were unusually high.

Accordingly, in a despatch, dated October 18, 1912, the Secretary of State suggested to the Government of India that instead of sovereigns Indian gold coins of the nomination of, say, 10 rupees should be coined at Bombay.

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