We must never forget that a quarter of a century has passed since 1844, a period

A very large gold reserve may be maintained, so that a substantial drain on it may be faced with equanimity; free payments in gold may be partially suspended; or foreign credits and bills may be kept which can be drawn upon when necessary. There was to be a lottery–two thousand prizes were to be drawn; and the fortunate holders of the prizes were to be taught, at the charge of the Company, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Spanish, conic sections, trigonometry, heraldry, japaning, fortification, bookkeeping, and the art of playing the theorbo.

Judging from the course of prices, I think he must have made an excessive allowance under this head.

There is no help for us in the American system; its very essence and principle are faulty. │ │ ├──────────–┬──────────────┼──────────–┬──────────────┤ │ │ Reserve │Total Balances│ Reserve │Total Balances│ │ │Treasuries.

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