I believe, for the reasons given below, that the indian money market cannot expect very much

The Suez Canal is a curious case of this.

It has been proposed that it should not be permitted to combine banking operations with other businesses; that the accounts of Banks should be regularly audited and the results published; that fairly detailed accounts[122] should be published in the local official Gazette; that all institutions calling themselves Banks should be required to publish certain specified particulars at the head of every advertisement; and that capital and reserves should bear a certain proportion to liabilities before dividends may be paid. and IV. Times without number the public have been alarmed mainly because they saw that the Banking reserve was already low, and that it was daily getting lower. Broadly speaking, this is false. The permanent Deputy-Governor must be a director and a man of fair position. In practice, when the Bank finds this process beginning, and sees that its business is much diminishing, it lowers the rate, so as to secure a reasonable portion of the business to itself, and to keep a fair part of its deposits employed.

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