This is the meaning of the saying ‘john bull can stand many things, but he cannot

At any rate, it comes more suddenly, and must be dealt with more immediately, than most comparable difficulties; and the judgment, the nerve, and the vigour needful to deal with it are plainly rare and great. The easiest mode of explaining anything is, usually, to exemplify it by a single actual case. The world has become so large and complicated that it is not easy to ascertain who is rich and who is poor.

The next section of the Indian banking world comprises the Indian Joint Stock Banks, _i. I confess I cannot, looking far forward into the future, expect that the smaller private banks will maintain their ground. After getting two names to satisfy the Act, the authorities of the Banks can then proceed to satisfy the dictates of cautious banking by taking, as well, some of the other kinds of security upon which, technically, they are forbidden to lend. And it is most desirable that it should be represented, for members of that firm can give if they choose confidential information of great value to the Bank.

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