The trouble would probably begin with a boom of the usual type, heavy commitments on the

It was only created in 1844, and it has failed three times since. In the mean time it is very important that large private banks should be well managed. When the agriculture of the world is ill off, food is dear. I do not believe that we should always get the best man for the post; often I fear that we should not even get a tolerable man. But so far from there being a distinct undertaking on the part of the Bank directors to perform this duty, many of them would scarcely acknowledge it, and some altogether deny it. But the English Government removed that necessity. The account of ‘public deposits’ in the Bank return includes other accounts too, as the Savings’ Bank balance, the Chancery Funds account, and others; and in consequence, till lately the public had but little knowledge of the real changes of the account of our Government, properly so called.

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