The privileged opportunity of which we spoke is singularly conspicuous in such figures; it

But a great number of persons are now bred from their earliest manhood in the very midst of that routine; they learn it as they would learn a language, and come to be no more able to unlearn it than they could unlearn a language. The working classes, having cheaper food, need to spend so much less on that food, and have more to spend on other things. Already at the end of 1912 (see table on p. 2. Growing up in smooth times, they have thought more of attracting deposits than of retaining cash reserves; and in 1910 we find sixteen Banks with deposits of £17,000,000 and cash reserves of not quite 11 per cent. The criticisms which have had most popular vogue have been mainly directed against the absolute amount of the Gold Standard Reserve, against the investment of a large part of this reserve in securities, and against the maintenance in London of some part of the gold in the Currency Reserve. And this would have greatly hindered the growth of the notes’ popularity. 4d. After a generation or two they retire into idle luxury.

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