No one knows on what kind of securities the bank of england will at such periods

It is a remarkable thing that the two classical pronouncements on the fundamental problems of Indian Finance, which have stood the test of time—Mr. Gillan,[38] “it is to be noted that for certain purposes the sovereign has at all times an advantage. _—Both in cities and villages, sovereigns are replacing notes more than rupees. 1 per cent and in the case of some other articles there may be a similar cause operating. In 1905–6 the demand quickened, and from July 1905, when the Government’s silver reserves stood at what was then considered the comfortable figure of 1837 lakhs[63] (£12,250,000), it quite outstript the new supplies arising from the mintage of the uncoined silver reserve.

Peel will be found to have been clear-sighted rather than far-sighted. 4d. It is not impossible that this might be the case.

Most savings in most countries are held in hoarded specie.

The balance sheet turned out to be false, and one–third of the assets had been advanced against worthless security to a firm in which the directors were interested.

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