He can pay away his own ‘promises’ in loans, in wages, or in payment of debts

The persons to whom that 2,000,000 L. │ 112 │ 112 │ 154 │ │ 1890 │.

‘Do you advert to these two circumstances with a view to regulate the general amount of your advances?–I do not advert to it with a view to our general advances, conceiving it not to bear upon the question. It was not unnatural that in this state of things a certain degree of alarm should have taken possession of the public mind, and that those who required accommodation from the Bank should have gone to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and requested the Government to empower us to issue notes beyond the statutory amount, if we should think that such a measure was desirable. A banker who lives in the district, who has always lived there, whose whole mind is a history of the district and its changes, is easily able to lend money safely there. on _Paper Currency_ and on the _Present Position of Gold in India and Proposals for a Gold Currency_; and the third in Chapter VI.

Our friends whispered about that we were acting quite in a different manner from that in which Mr.

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