If only one–quarter or one–fifth of the circulation consists of gold, i do not think that

A man brings money to the bank to meet a payment which he desires to make at a great distance, and the bank, having a connection with other banks, sends it where it is wanted. Millions of rupees were lying idle in the Government Treasuries at the time of year when there was most work for them to do outside.

)–(vi. 26. Even now the Bank of France, which, I believe, by law ought to have a branch in each Department, has only branches in sixty out of eighty-six. Proprietors’ capital 14,553,000 L| Government Securities 13,811,953 L Rest 3,103,301 L| Other securities 19,781,988 L Public deposits, | Notes 10,389,690 L including Exchequer, | Gold and silver coins 907,982 L Savings’ Banks, | Commissioners of | National Debt, | and dividend | accounts 8,585,215 L| Other deposits 18,204,607 L| Seven-day and other | bills 445,490 L| 44,891,613 L| 44,891,613 L GEO. All trades are slack from diminished custom, and the consequence is a vast stagnant capital, much idle labour, and a greatly retarded production.

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