It has done perhaps less ‘bad business,’ certainly less very bad business, than any bank of

│Whole Year. 20.

1907. The feeling of the City, of many of our friends, of some of the Opposition, was decidedly in favour of the issue of Exchequer Bills to relieve the merchants and manufacturers. ‘This meeting may be considered to admit and recognise the fact that the Bank of England keeps the sole banking reserve of the country. 4d. Madras ” the Madras Presidency and Coorg. , except in a very indirect and unimportant way to be explained in a moment. Those companies have answered which have an exclusive privilege which they have used with judgment, or which possibly was so very profitable as to enable them to thrive with little judgment. The last of them—the making it easier to turn hoards into money—is very likely desirable. 4d.

He was the head of the ministry, and ordinarily did not change unless the opposition came in.

One of the Rothschilds is on the Bank direction, and a foreigner would be apt to think that they were bankers if any one was. Baker thought £20,000,000 a suitable minimum.

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