But advantage has not been taken of these powers recently

Taking all these causes of loss together, I do not think we should overestimate the wastage of rupees from the circulation in placing it between half a crore and a crore annually. If he is lucky enough to begin at a time of expansion in trade, he is nearly sure not to be found out till the time of contraction has arrived, and then very large figures will be required to reckon the evil he has done. By every means it tried to restrict its advances. I should say that at the present time the mind of the monetary world would become feverish and fearful if the reserve in the Banking department of the Bank of England went below 10,000,000 L. With Indian banking this authority cannot be adequately in touch, and it would be much better if trained experience were to be found in India herself. Now 3/32d. Owing to the changes of which I have before spoken, joint stock banking has begun to compete with it. M. The money of such banks, being better than the common currency of the country, necessarily bore an agio, which was greater or smaller, according as the currency was supposed to be more or less degraded below the standard of the state.

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