Such an event would have something like the effect of the failure of overend, gurney and

I do not think that this is the most useful point of view from which to approach the question, or that the proper magnitude of the Gold Standard Reserve can be discussed without reference to the magnitude of the other reserves. Germany is in a state of transition, and her present position is avowedly unsatisfactory.

It had perpetrated one of those monstrous frauds, which are likewise gross blunders.

I cannot, therefore, expect with certainty the continuance of our system of private banking. The present arrangements, which date from 1896, were made possible by the strong preference of the public for notes over gold and by the provision of the law which permitted the holding of foreign bills as cover for the note issue. None of the nations named by Tocqueville had the capital, or a tithe of it, ready to build the large screw steamers which alone can use the Canal profitably. In such periods credit is bad, and industry unemployed; very generally provisions are high in price, and their dearness was one of the causes which made the times bad.

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