It was at the same time enacted, that all bills drawn upon or negotiated at amsterdam

These officers have, indeed, beside them a council of ‘regents,’ or directors, named by the shareholders. Next time that the Government of India have to buy silver on a large scale, it is likely that they will do so publicly and pay such extra price as this policy involves. 10 and Rs. As a rule, country bankers only keep so much barren cash as is necessary for their common business. [7] Her bank rate is not fixed primarily with a view to foreign conditions, and a change in it is usually intended to affect home affairs (though these may of course depend and react on foreign affairs). . A notion prevails that the Money Market is something so impalpable that it can only be spoken of in very abstract words, and that therefore books on it must always be exceedingly difficult. The mass of the Bank directors are merchants of experience, employing a considerable capital in trades in which they have been brought up, and with which they are well acquainted. Those defects are apt, in part, or as a whole, to be continued throughout the reign of a weak Governor.

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