He would have greater facility, indeed, than now, for, except with the leave of parliament, the

There is nothing intrusive in discussing this subject. And the sovereign is presumably cheaper than the same quantity of gold in out–of–the–way parts. e. [83] But as a matter of fact, the funds which accumulate from the proceeds of revenue between January and April are quickly released and returned to the Money Market, as matters now are, through the encashment of the Council Bills which are generally sold in large quantities at this time of year. [67] His method is direct; and consists in a calculation or estimate of the additions to the currency and the losses from export, melting, etc.

The chief characteristics of the Indian system of currency have been roughly sketched in the first chapter. The offices of Governor and Deputy-Governor are given in rotation.

There is a good deal of evidence for supposing that in some parts of the country sovereigns are displacing rupees for the purpose of hoards. But it shrank from taking upon itself further responsibility. 50 were universalised; and power was taken to universalise notes of higher denominations by executive order.

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