‘railway chairmanship’ has become a profession, so much is efficiency valued in it, and so indispensable

│ Deposits. They were thus led to imitate the form rather than the substance.

The case is just the same if the banker wants to sell Consols, or to call in money lent on Consols. And I can only hope that the two impressions may counteract one another, and may show that I do not intend to be unfair. The list is revised periodically, and applications for admission are carefully considered with reference to the standing and resources of the applicants and the nature of their business. Returning from these digressions, I conclude that the Government will not be able in practice to restrict its responsibility to the currency, and may have to take a part in moderating the consequences of rash or unfortunate banking, and in meeting an adverse balance of indebtedness. It holds the stipulated amount of securities, and for all the rest it must have bullion.

, gold about to be shipped from Australia competes with them as a means of remittance to India. more than usual, it causes a proportionate increase of trade and increase of prices.

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