They were issued as loans to the public, but the public wanted no more; they never

The rate of interest has been very low, and the amount of good security in the market small. ) + (xi. But I confess that I believe that this varies very much with the character of the Governor for the time being.

I say rich, because the members of a board governing a large bank must be men of standing and note besides, or they would discredit the bank; they need not be rich in the sense of being worth millions, but they must be known to possess a fair amount of capital and be seen to be transacting a fair quantity of business. [106] So far as the Indian deposits are concerned, these returns are very valuable. The highest political offices are, indeed, kept clear of such people, for in them serious and important duties must constantly be performed in the face of the world. And he still more rarely states his case effectually; he pauses, hesitates, does not use the best word or the most apt illustration, perhaps he uses a faulty illustration or a wrong word, and so fails because the superior immediately exposes him.

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