It appears from these that, while some are withdrawn in the winter months during the busy

of it will be lent by the Banking Department, and 2,000,000 L.

100,000 L.

4d. Though the money of saving persons is in the hands of banks, and though, by offering interest, banks retain the command of much of it, yet they do not retain the command of the whole, or anything near the whole; all of it can be used, and much of it is used, by its owners. The management of such a business needs more than common industry and more than common ability. In the meantime is any partial remedy possible for the evils dealt with above? 18. The Government would then be called on to make advances to the Presidency Banks. For the value which remained, after this small deduction was made, it gave a credit in its books. Atkinson’s figures suggest that rupees from this source not only made good the natural wastage in the active circulation but actually brought about a large increase in it. 13. At last a scheme was hit upon which would relieve their necessities. Without waiting to see how the busy season of 1906–7 would turn out, they coined heavily throughout the summer months, and, there being more silver in hand than could be conveniently held in the Currency Reserve, it was maintained, at the expense of the sterling resources, in the Gold Standard Reserve.

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