I have tried to show that it is also closely related to the prevailing tendencies in

The use of these balances was first granted them in 1862 as compensation for their being deprived of the right of note issue. And the tightness so produced is often greater than, and always equal to, the preceding unnatural laxity.

10 and Rs. The more money lying idle the less, _caeteris paribus_, is the dividend; the less money lying idle the greater is the dividend. The election of the Chairman must be placed either in the court of proprietors or that of the directors. But the following list of dates may be useful for purposes of reference:— 1892. They carry from home the idea and the habit of banking, and they take to it as soon as they can in their new world. This is the natural desire of all directors to make a good dividend for their shareholders. ‘Are not both sets of bills by this means under discount?–No, the bills received from one part of the country are sent down to another part for discount.

A person with the accumulated wealth, the education and the social place of a great London banker would be a ‘fool so to devote himself.

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