‘does he not prefer you on the score of his judging that you will give him

. It is certain that in all of these panics the Bank has made very large advances indeed.

10½ │ Bills of Exchange 2½ │ Cash, etc.

‘to the good,’ holds that 100 L.

REICHSBANK’S HOLDINGS OF FOREIGN BILLS (EXCLUDING CREDITS). The evident consequence is that this part of the bankers’ balances is at the mercy of the German Government when it chooses to apply for it.

We must fall back, therefore, on the second alternative, the discovery of a new source for the seasonal supply of funds in India herself.

. Those who have passed the chair–that is, who have served the office of Governor–always remain. These ‘circles,’ as they are called, now seven[21] in number, correspond roughly to the principal provinces of India, the offices of issue being as follows:— Calcutta for Bengal, Eastern Bengal, and Assam.

Our friends whispered about that we were acting quite in a different manner from that in which Mr.

In theory, nothing can be worse than this government for a bank a shifting executive; a board of directors chosen too young for it to be known whether they are able; a committee of management, in which seniority is the necessary qualification, and old age the common result; and no trained bankers anywhere.

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