Whether there was or was not too much loanable capital

It is not here profitable to this website discuss the reserve policy of the Paper Currency under existing conditions in isolation from the other reserves which the Government now hold. The Gold–Exchange Standard is the only possible this page this page means of bringing China on to a gold basis, and the alternative policy (the policy of our own click here Foreign Office) is to be content at first this link with a standard, as well as a currency, of silver.

It is vain to suppose that the advantages of a true gold currency can be obtained this website by the compromise of somewhat increasing the gold element.

With the advantages of credit here we must take the disadvantages too; but to lessen them as much as we can, we must keep a great store of ready money always available, and advance out of it very freely in periods of panic, and in times of incipient alarm.

There being a large demand on a fund which you want to preserve, the most obvious way to preserve it is to hoard it to get in as much as you this page can, this article and to let nothing go out which you can help. If, therefore, the Secretary of State refuses to sell bills at less than 1s. Her gold reserve is not large enough for the first expedient to be used lightly. But in Lombard Street money is very largely held by those who do pay an interest for it, and such persons must employ it all, or almost all, for they have much to pay out with one hand, and unless they receive this link much with the other they will be ruined.

Sovereigns are readily attracted to India when required under existing conditions. The more money lying idle the less, caeteris paribus , is the dividend; the less money lying idle the greater is the dividend. The Bank was helping the public, and, more or less confidently, this link it was believed that the Government would help the Bank.

4d. The easiest mode of explaining anything is, usually, to exemplify it by a single actual case. We now see how intimately the management of Council Bills and of Government remittance is bound up with the Gold–Exchange Standard. The great exchange dealers may have a little for their own purposes, but they have no store worth mentioning in comparison with this.

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