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The credit of the see article banker having been efficiently advertised by the note, click here see article and here accepted by the public, see more he lives on this page the credit so this website website see more gained years after the website note issue this page itself has ceased to be very important to him. If the use this article for this link the this link additional currency is only temporary, the cost of transport or remittance is great here this article enough to make it not worth see more their while here here to get this addition until the click here this link Indian rate of discount click here this article has been forced up to a this page high level. These considerations this article enable this website us see more to estimate the responsibility which is here click here thrown on the this website Bank of England by our system, and by every system on the bank here or banks who click here by it this website keep the see more reserve this article of bullion or of legal here tender exchangeable for bullion.

Unluckily, in see article the management of the matter before us the management website this page this article of the see more Bank reserve the directors of the Bank of England were neither acquainted with right principles, here nor website were website they protected this page by a this article this article this page judicious this article routine. And for many years afterwards the existence of click here that debt was a here main reason why see more the industrial classes never would think of recalling the Pretender, this website or website of upsetting the revolution settlement. The rapidity website with which see more gold is becoming popularised in the Punjab is probably due in see article very great part to the fact see more that this link notes have never become acclimatised there. But fix exchange at see article 1s.

Another banker, it will be said, this page may take up the Government account. this article These banks are almost sure to be those in best see more credit, see more see more or this link they would not be in that position, and, having the reserve, they are likely to look stronger and seem stronger this link than any others. Two hosts of eager disputants this article on this subject ask of every new writer the see more one question Are see more you with us or against us? website and they care click here for little else. The governing facts of this article the situation are that every here addition to the rupee reserve website diminishes to an equivalent extent website the see more amount available for the sterling reserve; that if the rupee click here reserve this page is this article insufficient, nothing worse can happen than some delay this page and inconvenience to merchants at a time of boom, whereas, if click here the sterling reserve is insufficient, a dangerous crisis may be this link aggravated here to the pitch of panic; that at click here the this link last moment the rupee reserve here can always be replenished with no very great delay from the resources this link this article of the sterling click here reserve, whereas the reverse is not the case website (the silver being not here so saleable at this website a this article crisis as the gold is see article in a boom); and that, therefore, it is desirable to keep the website rupee see more reserve at the lowest possible point this website consistent website with probability this article and ordinary prudence.

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