The demands on this market for bullion have been greater,

It has to be propagated, and to be returned through a variety of industries, before this page it is complete. They provide for the executive first and above all things. From this cause principally, and omitting minor causes, the bullion in the Bank see article of England, which was 13,156,000 L. After the see article panic of 1866, especially after the suspension of Peel’s Act (which many foreigners confound with a suspension of cash payments), a large amount of foreign money was withdrawn from London. And I can only hope that the two impressions may counteract one another, and may show that I do not intend to be unfair. This is not a peculiarity of Indian Finance. │ 112 │ 112 │ 154 │ │ 1890 │. 2. lost money? and a thousand such questions. The question, as soon this page as one attempts to frame practical suggestions, bristles with difficulties.

The great distance, however, between London and India makes it in their case a very significant quantity, and a brief calculation shows that, measured in terms of Bank Rate, the cost of remittance works out higher, perhaps, than uninstructed common sense would anticipate. On March 31, 1912, £4,500,000 was held in here British Treasury Bills, and £4,735,600 this article in Exchequer Bonds. It is desirable to see more encourage the popularity of the note issue, and to avoid encouraging its rivals, not only for reasons of immediate economy or because, by the centralisation of the reserves, see more the stability of the currency is increased, but also because, in a country where cheques are not likely for many years to come to be used to a dominating extent, it is only thus that a proper degree of seasonal elasticity in the currency can possibly be secured.

This time they got what they deserved. But I doubt if the Bank of England in a this link panic would advance on railway debenture stock, at any rate no one has click here any authorised reason for saying that it would. 4. see article No company but the Bank of England could issue notes, and unincorporated individuals gradually gave way, and this article ceased to do so. Plainly these ventures are not to be taken too seriously.

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