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But this link I have written this page in vain this article if I here require to say this page see more this link now that the click here problem is delicate, that the this link solution see article is varying and difficult, see more this website and that the result is inestimable to us all.

Bankers and others would keep as much of this page this page their click here see article surplus currency as they see article possibly could in the form of gold, and this website it website would be rupees (in great click here click here click here part) here and not gold that this page would be paid see more into this article the Government this article Treasuries. It was discovered that a number of the website most prominent members of the London Money this link Market were Jews, and that the Government of this link India’s holdings of this page Consols here see more had depreciated in market value since they website were bought. But this website every banker knows that this is not the way to diminish this website discredit. But even tried by this very this article unfavourable see more test banking is a click here trade this article profitable far beyond the average of trades. click here But banking comes as this article near to fixed rules certainly as any existing business, perhaps as any possible business. Obviously a this page system may be fit to regulate a few millions, and this page website yet this link quite this page inadequate when this website it is set to cope this page with many see more website millions. ” While Goschen this page this article spoke website as follows in 1891 before the London here Chamber see more of Commerce:— We only have as an effective circulation that which this article is required for the this website daily wants see more of the people. this page this link The this link District Treasuries do this page not this link here usually contain more resources than they require for ordinary transactions, and click here website website the balances here in this article excess of see more immediate see article this page click here requirements, this website this website which are transferred to the Reserve Treasuries, are mainly held in the form of notes. But ultimate banks have no similar rear guard this page to website rely upon. Some persons, indeed, feared that the opposite result would website see article happen; they this link feared that the constant publication here of the incessant changes in the reserve would terrify and harass the public mind. If the Money Market is this article not a lender in the website international this website market, the Bank itself must be at pains to become to some extent one. It is not this website the business of the Government to hold any this page of the reserves which see article the bankers ought website this article to hold. Now this website it would website almost always be ‘safe’ to this link follow here see article the advice of see article the great here standing ‘authority’; it would website this article always be most ‘unsafe’ not to this website follow it.

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